Hi. I'm Erik Tittel.

I'm a software engineer and a movement guy.

Here's what I do at work

Software Engineering in many aspects.

I build software systems and help other people to build better software.


The fields of my work and consulting are agile methodologies, requirements engineering, Clean Code, backend development and testing.

Easy to Understand

I value conversation and care about making complex things simple and easy to understand. Being a Toastmaster helps a lot in that.

In big Projects

I work for Senacor, an IT consultancy specialised in IT transformations. Prior to that I worked for Accenture, one of the biggest IT consulting companies.

A computer scientist on the move.

I come from the university and like to put science in a practical context.

Home turf

I studied at the Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Sheffield. My major was computer science, my minors economics & management and psychology. Now I live in Nürnberg.

In motion

I move a lot. I run, bike, swim, skate and ski - amongst other things. Furthermore I try to improve my performance with new forms of physical fitness like CrossFit and Neuro Athletic Training.

Learn new things

Everything you do is a skill - and can be improved. I'd like to find out how. That means that I read books to learn from them. And I prefer TED talks to TV shows.

Anything I can do for you?

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